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The severe weather that has been happening globally is not natural. Here is how it is done.

Where does evil come from? Evil usually comes from a lack of intelligence.

The correct question is "Where does goodness come from"? Goodness comes from being above the animals far enough in intelligence to realize that evil is counterproductive and leads to destruction. And the crime stats show it. All you have to do is go over the crime stats and then look at the average IQ's of whatever group the stats apply to and there will be a direct and proportionate correlation. The more intelligent the people, the lower the crime stats. It's as simple as that . . . . . . almost.
There is just one small detail that throws a wrench in the works. It is this:
The more intelligent a society is overall, the more likely it is to be kind to people, often times too kind, and this allows those who actually are naturally evil despite having intelligence to rise to the top. In this case, evil gets managed by intelligence, an intelligence which knows there is goodness to take advantage of, and when evil uses the good in people to accomplish it's objectives, the end result is likely to be a worse outcome than whatever outcome the least intelligent group would accomplish. And there are plenty of examples.
1. The high tech war machine.
2. The Corona vax.
3. The development of advanced propaganda.
4. The birth of full blown tyranny that is inescapable. It takes intelligence to set that up.
5. The introduction of GMO tech corrupting the biosphere . . . .
And there is a tribe that is inherently evil that is leveraging the intelligence of very good people in it's perceived favor, with skill and aplomb, a tribe that has made it a policy to play on the good will and sympathy from intelligent people, (example - with a "holocaust") to make people feel sorry enough for them to damn near be willing to lay down and die out of sympathy. Actually, many people have. And that is what got us to where we are. If this leverage of "good will" leads to a nuclear war it will be a far worse outcome than a mundane intelligence could ever deliver. In their arrogance, the tribe brags about having an average IQ of 107 - 110. And they are leading the world into the most stupid possible outcome of all, - the corruption of DNA and an impending nuclear wasteland. The result of simply being evil at their root will lead to an outcome that trumps the worst stupidity of all.

This is how I will list the bitcoin from this point on.

This comes out to about $95 USD. I am going to learn with this rather than use it, for the time being do not send more bitcoin because I do not need more to learn with and I do not know if this will end up lost.

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